How auto brands put social media in the driving seat

Don't think social media works? Just take a look at the car companies

There's been a delightfully reassuring shift in the types of conversations we've been entering recently. Brands have stopped asking for proof that social media 'works' and started to look for ways to improve performance. Hurrah.
This certainly helps me sleep better at night – but there are some brands that still won't buy the power of social, especially when a high price tag is attached. There's still a reluctance for brands to believe social media can affect purchasing decisions. 
But it can – and we just need to turn to the automotive industry to see quite how powerful the impact of social media can be. According to CMO Council, a quarter of car buyers are using Facebook to do their research before making a purchase. 
Gone are the days of heading directly to the local car dealership when you're looking for the next auto upgrade. Consumers today are far more likely to head to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to help make a decision. This shift has happened for one simple reason – automotive brands have invested in social media, and they've done a fantastic job.

3 auto campaigns that have helped drive sales

1. Mini's customer ads

Mini put its customers at the heart of this campaign and let them collectively create adverts on the brand's behalf. Of the 230,000 consumers that engaged with the campaign, 4,000 went on to browse for a new mini and 11% of these became qualified leads. 

2. Nissan nails realtime

Last year, someone tried to sell their old Nissan Maxima and the ad went viral. It was funny and entertaining but, more importantly, Nissan took notice. They bought the car from the film-maker who originally posted the ad and turned the story into a campaign that got millions of people talking. 

3. Hyundai's Instagram hack

Hyundai played with the versatility of Instagram's platform and turned it into a tool that helped consumers decide what car to buy. The quiz takes users through a number of questions, before showing them the car that's right for them. You can try it for yourself at @hyundai_quiz_start.

And one more from us…
Our team over in Stuttgart was tasked with helping to establish Mick Schumacher as a global household name. Now (thanks to the Stuttgart team’s great work) we all know Mick Schumacher is a master of the steering wheel but you may not know he doesn’t actually have a driving license. With an aim of engaging a younger audience in motorsports we followed Mick on his journey in a social video series and, as you can image, hilarity ensued.
You can check out the full series here.

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