How Champneys became the antidote to frantic social media

Bubbles, brains and brawn are the main ingredients in our successful recipe


Over the past couple of months, there’s been an unexpected increase in the number of SevenC3 staff walking around the office in slippers and bathrobes. Despite the team’s interesting new choice of attire, we haven’t diversified into bedwear – instead, we've won a new client, Champneys.

Champneys approached us to help refresh its social media strategy and expand its audience with a smart use of content. Once the squeals of delight had subsided, we worked with Champneys to reimagine its social media universe by building a modern visual identity paired with a sophisticated paid media plan.

All of our content is designed to bring Champneys' portfolio of products and services to life, giving its customers a taste of what they can expect when they visit a spa. 

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Champneys 2
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By tapping into the passion centres of Champneys’ audience, we've already seen a significant uplift in engagement around the brand – and this has quickly translated into more traffic to the site and bookings.

A lot of sweat, tea and bubble bath go into building Champneys' social media plan, but here are three things anyone can learn from the results we’ve already achieved:

1. Don't try a one-size-fits-all approach

Champneys' audience is diverse, ranging from families looking for hotel stays and tired city folk looking for an escape to bootcamp fans looking for their next fitness fix. Rather than feeding everyone the same content, we created a hyper-targeting content plan that pushes the right content to the right people at the right times.

2. Build a clear visual identity

In already cluttered social media feeds, you need to stand out and be recognisable. We developed a clear visual identity for Champneys that was designed to make the brand memorable and transport social media users into a world of attainable luxury.

3. Understand your audiences’ passions

We track the topics our clients’ audiences are discussing every day, which helps us build a content plan that speaks to what they truly care about. We put Champneys' audience at the heart of our social media strategy, giving them more reasons to engage with the brand.

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