The times, they are a-changin'

#SMWLDN is coming – find out why our #SEVENSMW team is so excited

There’s a buzz in the air, birds are chirping, excitement is stirring and social media enthusiasts are tweeting feverishly about Social Media Week (#SMWLDN).

In today’s ever-changing media landscape, #SMWLDN is one of the most anticipated events in the calendar. This year’s conference will be no exception with an exciting line-up of events and speakers, each one more innovative than the last.

For those of you who don’t reside within our social and digital bubble, Social Media Week is a worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas and insights into social media and technology’s impact on business, society and culture. Their mission is to provide individuals and organisations with an opportunity to learn and advance in a globally connected world – though what is actually achieved is so much more.


“What’s even more exciting and inspiring than the talks and panels at #SMWLDN is the conversation that follows,” says Rowan Manning, who was recently appointed SevenC3’s Managing Director.

“#SMWLDN creates a unique sense of community among the different industries that have gathered together to share their own learnings and advancements. At SevenC3 (#SEVENSMW) we want to capture that spirit and passion from the main stages and use it to continue the conversation here at our own creative space in Clerkenwell.”

As a digital content marketing leader, all our work at SevenC3 is rooted in what people really care about – we are the agency of the people. This year’s #SMWLDN theme is Reimagining Human Connectivity and, in an industry where innovation and change is always on the horizon, to be human is to be able to admit that what you’re doing might be… wrong.

We want to show you how to be less wrong tomorrow.

At #SEVENSMW we embrace the mentality that there’s always going to be a tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created four unique sessions that will explore both the yesterdays and the tomorrows of social media marketing and how we can learn from the past in order to make advancements in the future.

Click here to learn more about each session and register to attend.

If you have any questions about #SEVENSMW, get in touch with our social media team!

SevenC3 SMW Team