Three ways we've helped to gamify Facebook

Gamification is taking over social media – and we've been playing along ourselves


Gamification is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, with more and more brands offering rewards to their customers for tasks and Pokémon Go and Snatch stealing the headlines. But over the past six months, Facebook has got in on the action too.

What's changed?

Gamification of our social channels has been a long time coming, but it's the way people have started using the platforms as much as the changes themselves that's led to this shift. Here's how it happened:

1. Facebook introduced reaction buttons

We no longer just like content we appreciate – we can love it, we can hate it or we can laugh our heads off at it. But the functionality of these new buttons hasn't just stopped there. Largely driven by brands looking for new ways to engage with their audiences, the buttons have started to be used as a gaming mechanic, enabling Facebook addicts to vote for their opinion on different topics and compete with their friends. Here's an example of how we played with this functionality for UKTV.

2. Facebook Live landed

Most social platforms now allow you to record and share video live in the moment. This has led to a number of brands playing with the format to create games that everyone can enjoy. Last Christmas, we ran a nationwide Santa hunt with AO that allowed our social communities to play games live

3. Facebook carousels let you choose your adventure

If Choose Your Own Adventure books were a big part of your childhood, you'll love Facebook's carousel function. Rather than just upload one image or video, brands can now upload multiple pieces of content in a carousel format that lets users choose the journey they take. Here's an example of how we used this functionality to bring gameplay to Champney's Facebook page.

If you'd like advice on how to bring gamification to your social channels, get in touch.