11 things we’ve learnt about making food videos

The SevenC3 food team share their top tips for making eye-catching content that will be gobbled up on social


1. A can-do attitude is crucial

Possibly the most ridiculous conversation ever overheard in the Sainsbury’s magazine office was "Can we levitate meringue ghosts?" The answer was a triumphant YES.

2. Don’t overdo it on props

Unlike in print media, where the set might be full of textiles and cutlery and pretty details, you want all the attention in a video to be on the delicious food.

3. Have a box of tricks

Coins (for balancing things), chalk (for marking where crockery should go), double-sided sticky tape and superglue (to make meringue ghosts float, of course) are all vital tools.

4 You don’t need to show everything

If you want people to click through to the full recipe, don’t give away crucial information like the oven temperature – just saying BAKE is enough. It’s better to show the most interesting, crucial steps in a recipe rather than EVERY stage – people have short attention spans.

5. Everything is better with glitter

Our food stylists are never without a handy can of edible glitter spray to create pretty clouds of sparkles… or fairy farts, as we call them. 

6. You can’t beat a crazy bake...

Our most popular videos are of decadent bakes, from neapolitan ice cream cake to a giant scone cake. Must be the Bake Off effect.

7. ...or a clever twists on a classic

Throw in a cult ingredient, like baked beans or Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and you’re definitely on to a winner. Anyone for beer spaghetti? 

8. Everyone loves dancing food

We’ve been experimenting with this a lot recently – it’s simply a case of taking lots of stills, where the food is positioned slightly differently every shot. It works best if you can catch lots of small movements. 


11. A clapperboard makes shoots a lot more fun...


...as well as a great way to end this post! 

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