Christmas is coming…

SevenC3's food teams share upcoming Christmas food and drink trends

… and, as crazy as it sounds, Christmas was wrapped up (pun intended) for SevenC3’s food teams more than a month ago!

We began planning our content all the way back in spring, then spent the summer testing new recipes – turkey dinner in June, anyone? – and going to ‘Christmas in July’ press days!

Here are a few trends our food teams spotted along the way…

Say ‘Cheers!’

From Prosecco-flavoured cakes to gin-laced jams, booze is spilling out of your glass and into all areas of the kitchen this Christmas – but you won’t hear us complaining. Don’t miss the sherry and ginger cake in the November issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine or our indulgent Baileys truffles, pictured below.


Glitter, glitter everywhere

It’s going to be a glamorous Christmas. Sainsbury’s is selling glittery, clementine-flavoured ‘snow’ icing sugar to sprinkle over mince pies and everyone was oohing and aahing at ‘Prosecco glitter’ – a sure-fire way to make your Instagram feed sparkle this holiday season.


Sprouts get a makeover

Say sayonara to bland Brussels sprouts – the most controversial (aka ‘most moaned about’) vegetable on the Christmas table is now a star! The Sainsbury’s social team have concocted a creamed sprout dish that will feature in the December issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine. We guarantee there won’t be any complaints about these sprouts when they’re bathed in delicious cream and butter – although an extra belt hole may be required!


Mirror glazes

Desserts covered in these amazingly shiny glazes were everywhere at Christmas press shows this year. They’re so popular that Sainsbury’s now sells ready-made mirror glaze in tubs in the baking aisle so that you don’t have to stress about making it yourself!


Meat-free Christmas

As more and more of us choose to become vegetarian or vegan, delicious non-meat dishes are rivalling the traditional turkey to be the Christmas table centrepiece. This vegetable Wellington, pictured below, stole the show at the Sainsbury’s Christmas display…


Stay tuned for more upcoming food trends! If you have any questions about any recipes, send us an email!