Making Savills digital

We helped global real estate company Savills to take its world research reports from print format to a bespoke digital long-form execution

SevenC3 has worked with Savills for a number of years, helping to create their highly respected world research publications 12 Cities and Around The World In Dollars And Cents – stunning print publications providing real estate investors with the latest global trends by city or region.
There are a number of drawbacks to a print-only execution, including difficulty in effectively distributing content using digital channels, providing that content in a responsive format for the devices people use, and the lack of SEO.
While mailed or hand-delivered copies of the print magazine have proven popular with Savills clients, the company was keen to increase the reach of its research while still maintaining the intellectual and aesthetic quality of the publications – so we suggested a digital long-form article.
From our experience with other business and professional clients (along with industry research), we knew that long-form content is popular, provided the quality of subject matter is high.
Seven created a bespoke long-form microsite to house the key information from Around The World In Dollars And Cents – global top tips for real estate investors. This digital format is highly shareable and traffic can easily be driven from Savills’ social media channels and email list as well as through search traffic.

Creating the content

We created a beautiful, flowing long-form article divided into key regions and combining all the most important research elements. A mix of copy, stunning images and bespoke infographics provided readers with all the information they could possibly need while reviewing the pros and cons of investing in real estate around the world.
The final article was sectioned so that readers can easily skip to a specific region on interest. It was also fully optimised to work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and included social buttons to make sharing the content with friends and colleagues easy. We also created a new email template to help drive clients on Savills’ email database towards the content.
The response to the new format has been outstanding, with both existing customers and new users coming to the long-form article. What’s more, it's achieved an average time per reader of four minutes 55 seconds – according to Affiliate Marketing, any dwell time on digital content of more than two minutes is considered outstanding. The site design also provides a template for future content to be housed, giving Savills a ready-made digital execution for its research reports.