Helping Shepherd Neame break into social media


Shepherd Neame

We created a bank of creative assets for nimbly socialising an above the line TV campaign in real time

The Brief

The brief was to increase awareness and recognition of Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire beer brand within social media streams.
We also needed to launch the brand’s new ambassadors – the RAF pilots in BBC TV’s Armstrong & Miller programme – on digital platforms.


Big Idea

We met the brief through the clever use of the RAF characters in funny, real-time marketing scenarios.
An example of this was to create a Facebook community where the characters comment on live TV, hijacking trending popular culture conversations around shows such as Britain’s Got Talent. When Simon Cowell was pelted with eggs, the pilots were online asking: ‘How does we vote for the egg girl, blud?’ just minutes after the event.



To deliver the big idea we needed a strategy that had an entertaining tone and style, and a client relationship that would enable real-time conversations to take place.
In order to extend the presence of the RAF characters and the brand within social media streams beyond the ATL campaign (four TV commercials), we produced a bank of creative assets that could be used across a wide number of consumer touch points and over a long period of time.
Although we only had access to Armstrong and Miller for two days we created a content strategy that was used for two years. We adapted the characters for social and wrote funny, real-time related gags for them.
We created an engaging style and tone, developed an agreed set of content pillars, worked closely with Spitfire and the ATL agency, planned content treatment and created a bank of brand assets.
This approach to activation allowed us to continue using and adapting the RAF characters across social media without traditional sign-off procedures that would have limited the use rather than extended it. 



We increased awareness and recognition of Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire brand within social media streams over a period of two years, despite only having access to the talent for two days.
The customer said
‘Check @spitfireale timeline… they’re really quick off the mark’
‘The award for ‘Social Media Team of The Week’ goes to @spitfireale. Nice work!’
‘And the award for fastest marketing savvy goes to @spitfire’