Anisha Panchasara
Senior Art Director



10 inspiring UK based food photographers to follow on LinkedIn and Instagram in 2024

10 inspiring UK based food photographers to follow on LinkedIn and Instagram in 2024

Anisha Panchasara
Senior Art Director

Food has always been at the heart of everything I do. I’m that person who’s always thinking about their next meal whilst tucking into their current plate, so I feel very fortunate to combine my passion and work together in one of the nicest, friendliest industries out there.  

As a Senior Art Director at 7C3 I work alongside many talented (and very lovely!) photographers. Each bring a different and unique skill set to the table, making delicious food come alive with a concoction of beautiful lighting, interesting composition and most importantly telling the audience a story.   

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to push boundaries and create different visual concepts with either product or recipes, all whilst playing with colour palettes.  

Creativity can come from anywhere, and I’m surrounded by inspiring teams and photographers. I love to see how people interpret a brief or their latest personal project that holds no limits as to what they can do. Here are some of the photographers I love to follow, why not give them a follow too? 


      1. Frankie Turner 

    Frankie’s fun and playful personality shines through her work. She creates graphic, vibrant imagery and is always experimenting with different mediums to create unique looks. Product photography is one of her favourite subjects and she makes each item look like a hero in its own story being. Frankie likes to test and play with different themes and ideas, one of which recently won her an AOP gold award in 2023. Congratulations Frankie! @turnerfrancesca 


        1. Louise Hagger 

      Louise puts her unique stamp on any production and is best known for her energetic, fun and unconventional images. She pushes boundaries and makes the viewer take a longer look at her work and find detail within. Her images are full of colour often with a nostalgic feel but they still look fresh and modern.  @louisehagger 


          1. Martin Poole 

        Creates beautiful photography where the food plays THE starring role. He manages to achieve this whether he’s shooting close-up macro shots or lifestyle -scenes full of food. Martin is brilliant at interpreting a client’s brief and he makes full use of his background as an art director. His images have real impact and he can do punchy and graphic imagery but is also equally at home creating a relaxed more atmospheric feel to his images.  @martinpoolephotography 


            1. Jonathan Gregson 

          Jonathan’s feed demonstrates his love for story telling in still life photography, from capturing stunning ingredients to awe inspiring travel shots that make the simplest of subjects look stunning. Each shot oozes elegance and sophistication.  @jonathangregsonphotography 


              1. Ella Miller 

            Ella’s photography style is inviting, captivating and has genuine warmth. Whether she’s shooting recipes or portraits (and it’s not easy to photograph people!) she gets the best out of her subject. Her recipe images are always gorgeous, but very accessible – they always look like something that’s achievable to make at home.  @ellamiller_photo 


                1. Kris Kirkham 
                  Kris started off as a chef and so brings that little bit extra to the table. He knows how to create mouth-watering images, and exactly how the food should look. His skill set ranges from still life photography for editorial, books, packaging, and advertising, through to stop motion video.  

                  1. Maja Smed 

                Maja’s lighting really sets the scene, from dramatic moodiness to outdoor sunny alfresco dining. She can make the most beige of foods look naturally beautiful with a touch of richness for good measure. There isn’t anything she can’t make look mouth-watering. 


                    1. Ant Duncan 
                      Ant Duncan can effortlessly put together the perfect composition and brings the food alive by creating movement, such as beautiful pasta being spiralled across a hanging fork, to a spooky Halloween scene with smoke blowing across. Through texture, colours and styling Ant creates captivating imagery.  @antduncan_photo 


                      1. Stuart West 

                    Stu’s lighting is exceptional, especially when it comes to creating a gorgeous sunny day in a windowless studio. He has a great eye for composition and has a very adaptive style from lifestyle shots, to constructing gravity defying looks. More recently Stuart has been directing and producing videos for various clients, and it’s really interesting to see where his skill sets are moving to.   @stuartwestphotography 

                        1. Cristian Barnett 
                          Cris is a versatile photographer, he can shoot on location, in a studio, with people, without, he can do recipes, interiors, oh and did I mention he can film great videos too? In recent years his portfolio has moved towards shots for high-end restaurants with exquisite food that he captures magnificently, every dish or drink is enhanced with dramatic lighting and an almost theatrical flair. I’m sure the chefs who create the recipes must love it. @crisbarnett

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