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What is cutting through in  B2B  video content? 

What is cutting through in  B2B  video content? 

Raymond Doherty
Senior Editor

In 2024 the lines between B2B and B2C marketing are blurring and with that video is emerging as a more potent tool to engage professional audiences. This isn’t just about keeping up with trends; it’s about leveraging the dynamic nature of video to convey your brand’s story, ethos, and solutions in a manner that’s both compelling and accessible. 

Before we get some of examples of what is cutting through in 2024 and who is exactly is doing well, lets first get back to first principles for B2B audiences. 

Why video? 

The power of video lies in its ability to transform the esoteric into the explicit, making it an invaluable asset for B2B marketers: 

Crystal clear communication 

You can distil a comprehensive business proposal into a two-minute animation that captures the imagination and understanding of your audience. 

Engagement like never before 

Engagement metrics soar with video content as viewers are more likely to watch a video than read a lengthy article. This isn’t just about views; it’s about creating a memorable impact that encourages viewers to act. 

A new storytelling dimension 

Video allows brands to weave narratives around their products, services, and values that resonate deeply with their audience. 

Data-driven decisions  

The analytics behind video engagement offer invaluable insights. They allow marketers to tailor future strategies with precision and enhance the ROI of their content efforts. 

What format? 

It’s about understanding the needs and preferences of your audience and aligning them with your content objectives: 

Explainer videos 

Simplify complex offerings into engaging, digestible content. A staggering 91% of consumers have viewed an explainer video to learn about a product, underscoring their effectiveness in facilitating purchasing decisions. 

Testimonials and case studies 

Add credibility through real-world success stories, lending a voice of authenticity and trust to your brand. 

Educational webinars 

Establish your brand as an industry thought leader by providing value through knowledge sharing, thereby fostering a deeper connection with your audience. 

Where is the audience? 

Your choice of platform is pivotal to the success of your video marketing strategy. Each platform offers unique advantages and reaches different segments of your target audience: 


In 2024, LinkedIn continues to dominate B2B lead generation and engagement, offering unparalleled precision in ad targeting thanks to its rich data sourced directly from its professional user base. 


YouTube’s vast reach can significantly boost your brand’s visibility, although it presents challenges in conversion and targeting the right B2B audience. 


Vimeo is preferred for content that demands higher quality and caters to a more professional audience. 


Despite recent challenges, X remains a valuable platform for timely updates and engaging content, offering dynamic interaction and brand visibility. 

What are the trends in 2024? 

Interactive content 

Transform passive viewing into active engagement by incorporating interactive elements. This could be as simple as answering a question or taking part in a quiz, to making decisions that guide you down different narrative paths, and deliver different outcomes.  

Personalized messaging 

Use data to tailor your videos, ensuring they resonate on a personal level with the intended audience. As we know, B2B is evolving into B2P and, by making it personal, your video content’s engagement levels can increase exponentially.  

Leveraging AI 

Utilize AI for analytics to inform targeting and content strategy, maximizing the impact of your efforts. AI imaging software such as Midjourney can bring to photo-realistic life anything that can be imagined. And AI video platforms such as Sora and Synthesia promise to elevate moving-image content without the expense of cumbersome production services.  

Who is doing it well? 

Campaigns that have struck a chord in the B2B arena reveals a blend of creativity, strategic insight, and a deep understanding of audience engagement: 

Slack and IBM 

These tech giants leverage high-concept, quality production to elucidate complex technologies like AI, making them accessible and engaging. 


Their innovative use of influencer marketing and humor sets a benchmark for innovative, engaging content that breaks the mold. 


Demonstrates that simplicity, coupled with excellent design and music, can powerfully convey your message without a single spoken word. 

What have we learned? 

The trajectory for B2B video content points toward a more personalized, interactive, and integral role in marketing strategies. By embracing these trends, brands can craft compelling narratives that deeply resonate with their audience, fostering meaningful connections and sustained growth. 

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